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VPS, cPanel Hosting & More

We offer a wide range of hosting solutions for your needs in our various hosting locations including United Kingdom (Redditch), United States (Dallas, Texas) and Luxembourg.



cPanel Hosting

Great option to get you started on hosting your own websites. Our cPanel hosting plans have one-click installs with daily backups and powered by Litespeed Webserver


UK cPanel     Luxembourg cPanel

Virtual Private Machine

Looking for more power, full root/administrator privileges. Powered by the latest AMD EPYC/Ryzen hardware you’ll get great performance for your buck!


Linux       Windows

Dedicated Servers

The ultimate performance for your high compute needs. Your own physical bare-metal server dedicated to you only.


Coming Soon

Why HostGnome???

✅ Instant Deployment

No ridiculous setup fees on our hosting plans, instantly deployed

✅ Fast Hardware

We take pride in offering our customers some of the latest hardware available on the market. No 5+ year old hardware with us!

✅ Money-Back Guarantee

Feel like you maybe taking a risk moving to us? We offer a money back guarantee on most of our services.

✅ 24/7 Support

We have technicians working 24/7 in our data centres. We also offer amazing Live Chat support and rapid Ticket response times.

✅ Amazing Uptime

We take extra steps to make sure we have full redundancy across all our services. A+B power sources and redundant and reliable network infrastructure

✅ Frequent Backups

Backups are an important service often over looked, vital when things go wrong. Unlike most other hosting companies we take free daily backups of our cPanel/VPS packages.

Join Thousands Of Happy Customers

Join Thousands Of Happy Customers

Our Own Locations

We operate our own equipment currently in two locations, United Kingdom and United States. You can test our blazing fast network via our links below. With our Looking Glass you can ping our IPs, run a trace route, run MTR test, download files or even run a iperf3 test.


Our ASN is AS201579

Redditch, United Kingdom

Texas, United States