Hardware Upgrade 2021 UK

We are pleased to announce that all UK KVM nodes will be getting a FREE upgrade!


Our current nodes use the following hardware:

AMD Epyc 7451 (24c/48t @2.3Ghz)

DDR4 ECC 2400MHz


10Gbps inbound 1Gbps outbound

Location UK, London


Nodes will be upgraded to the following:

AMD Epyc 7642 (48c/96t @2.3Ghz)

DDR4 ECC 2933MHz


25Gbps Inbound 1Gbps outbound

Location UK, London


Overall you can expect to see an increase close to 30% in CPU power and some great disk & RAM performance increases. Below are some screenshots of benchmarks. Also every UK KVM VPS will get DOUBLE RAM upgraded for free! If you have our lowest Windows Budget VPS (1 vCPU, 3GB RAM) you will now have 1vCPU, 6GB RAM!


These tests where done with our $24.99 UK KVM 4 vCPU, 6 GB RAM VPS

CPU Benchmark (Old/New)

Disk Benchmark (Old/New)

Passmark (Old/New)

We also ran a Geekbench v5 test which can be viewed at  – Old Node – New Node


The upgrade is due to take place on Wednesday 19th May all clients have been emailed explaining the expected downtime. Clients virtual machines will need to be restarted during these upgrades. Downtime is expected to be between 20-60 minutes while transferring each VPS data.


We also expect new VPS plans to be offered near the end of the year and also upgrades to our other VPS ranges in the coming months.